Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Rude Boy"

     I get the chance to walk from home to one of my fave stores and found out I will be seeing a hot hot new release from them, wow! And as I was shopping, I bumped into a cocky guy IMing ladies to get their attention. Aw, poor you claiming your so cute and handsome yet you still have to IM ladies. Tsk tsk, be a gentleman dude. So I get this instinct of being protective to the lady he IMed and be rude to that guy. Sorry, nature calls for it. :) So here is my awesomesauce look today, hope ya'll like it.

Styling Card:

Shirt & Vest:  :SEY =Mesh= Vest + Tshirt
Pants & Chain Belt - +Grasp+ Leather Pants -Black+Zebra (Mesh)
Boots - [Gos] Desert Boots
Aviator - Hak Designer - Aviator Style Glasses
Left Bracelet - [Mandala] Sinra
Right Bracelet - [Mandala] Hokusai
Necklace - [Mandala] Karma

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