Friday, August 31, 2012

"I'm Back"

     Hello wonderful people! I miss you all... Now I'm back from my 2 weeks heart healing vacation, ha ha ha! And I'm back to bring more awesome stuffs to you; hunts, new releases that you'll surely love... And oh, Your boy next door is now more than 2 months, with more than 3, 000 page views and counting and syndicated already so it means we're going strong! Thank you everyone for your support! xoxo

Friday, August 17, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Menstuff Hunt - Part 4

Styling Card:

Chinos and Vest: Menstuff Hunt #55 - Epicosity Layered Vest
Pants: Dot-Be Urban Camo Pants (New Release)
Shoes: Menstuff Hunt #55 - Epicosity Slips-On Plaid
Props and Poses:  Menstuff Hunt #88 *Kaleidoscope Creative*

Monday, August 13, 2012

Menstuff Hunt - Part 3

Styling Card:

Shorts: Menstuff Hunt #147 - [*Redgrave*] Army Shorts
Aviator: Menstuff Hunt #13 - *ShadZ Eyewear*
Poses and Props: Menstuff Hunt #107 - Vice Poses

     It's been long since I posted a video, so here listen to it as I've gone modern Tarzan with this picture >_<

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Menstuff Hunt - Part 2

Styling Card:

Shirt: Menstuff Hunt #145 Benjaminz (Mesh Vneck Plain)
Pants: Menstuff Hunt #145 - Benjaminz (Black Denim Mesh)
Shoes: Menstuff Hunt #55 - Epicosity Slips-On Plaid
Poses: Menstuff Hunt #99 - ::Focus Poses:: Casual Men 2

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Menstuff Hunt - Part 1

     Hello guys! I am excited about this another hunt, "Menstuff Hunt". Showcasing men's needs, at the same time there's "Homestuff Hunt". Because of my hectic schedule I was only able to hunt a few, and I will be showing it to all of you.

Styling Card:

Skin: Menstuff Hunt #1 - Egoisme (Evian - Justine Zombie)
Hair: Menstuff Hunt #2 - KMADD ~Aria~
Jacket: Menstuff Hunt #1 - Egoisme Biker Jacket
Pants & Belt: Menstuff Hunt #1 - Egoisme Elegant Leather Evidence

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Lost from Destruction"

Styling Card:

Shirt: Splendeurs - Mens Mesh V Neck Tee
Pants: Splendeurs - Mesh Jeans *Kailer*
Shoes: [*Redgrave*] Sneakers Miles

PS: Please pray for the Philippines, my countrymen; who is now experiencing heavy rains and flood, ruin homes and many died. I hope the weather gets better soon. Please donate to Red Cross, million Filipinos needed it. Thank you so much...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"New from Ispachi! Soon to be Released"

     Helllo guys! How is everybody? Guess what I have for you, an awesome shirt soon to be released by Ispachi! It's the "Ispachi - Mesh Relax Shirt & T", it's going to be released first at Fashion Voodoo on August 10th till August 30th. Then after the 30th, it will be released at Ispachi Mainstore. It comes in 4 sizes, 8 colors and 12 shirt prints. Another awesome clothe to save money for.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Mr. Carefree"

Styling Card:

Shirt: *Chronokit* Shirts 03 (New Release)
Pants: Hoorenbeek - Mesh Pants White
Sneakers: [*Redgrave*] Classic Sneakers
Necklace: [Mandala] Onigiri Necklace
Ring: Finesmith - Safari Ring

Friday, August 3, 2012

"...Dark Side..."

     Hello guys and gals, it's been days and I've been quiet... Days has been ups and downs for me... And this one song keeps playing in my head all over again, "Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson". So I've decided to make a photo to interpret how I feel about the song.

Lapointe & Bastchild - "Archangel" Michael

"Dark Side" - Kelly Clarkson

There's a place that I know
It's not pretty there and few have ever gone
If I show it to you now
Will it make you run away

Or will you stay
Even if it hurts
Even if I try to push you out
Will you return?
And remind me who I really am
Please remind me who I really am

Everybody's got a dark side
Do you love me?
Can you love mine?
Nobody's a picture perfect
But we're worth it
You know that we're worth it
Will you love me?
Even with my dark side?

Like a diamond
From black dust
It's hard to know
What can become
If you give up
So don't give up on me
Please remind me who I really am


Don't run away
Don't run away
Just tell me that you will stay
Promise me you will stay
Don't run away
Don't run away
Just promise me you will stay
Promise me you will stay

Will you love me? ohh


Don't run away
Don't run away

Don't run away
Promise you'll stay....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Latest Release from [VM] Vero Modero 3"

   A wonderful day to everyone, I would like to show everyone a hot new release from [VM] Vero Modero - Adem Dungarees. It comes in 2 colors to choose from. Come and grab them now!