Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Mr. Grasp Biker"

     Before I continue blogging with items from MHOH7 hunt, I would like to feature first one of my favorite clothing store.... +Grasp+. And at their latest release, 3 new mesh items are at stores now; and as they were known for realistic textures and awesome styles. Also, one of Mandala's latest Summer release is the white bracelet than I'm wearing. Enjoy this awesome items while they're sizzling hot new releases from these great stores.

Styling Card:

Jacket - +Grasp+ Graphixx Tank
Tank top - +Grasp+ Leather Biker Jacket (Mesh)
Pants & Chain Belt - +Grasp+ Leather Pants -Black+Zebra (Mesh)
Boots - [Gos] Desert Boots
Ring - Finesmith Safari Ring
Left Bracelet - [Mandala] Sinra
Right Bracelet - [Mandala] Hokusai
Necklace - [Mandala] Karma

And I wanna share one nice song from one of my fave singers....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Make Him Over 7 - Part 3

Good day to everyone! A black and red outfit for your Thursday!

Styling Card:

Skin - Birth (Fang - Poseidon)
Hair - MHOH7 - #66 ALLI&ALI (Lucky Hair)
Whole outfit - MHOH7 - #7 Vero Modero 
Boots - MHOH7 - #35 <<Pure>> (Tom in Black)
Pose - MHOH7 - #50 Icons of Style (Lazy Man)

Make Him Over 7 - Part 2

Who said even a rude guy can't look hot on a summer wear huh?! Here's one....

Styling Card:

Skin - MHOH7 - #61 Prodigal (Kurt)
Shape - MHOH7 - #46 R-Stylz
Hair - MHOH7 - #41 Amacci (Samson - Onyx)
Board Shorts - MHOH7 - #9 Redgrave 
Tattoo - MHOH7 - #70 Tattoo Art (Lotus)
Pose - MHOH7 - #34 Stakey (Aimless)

Listen :)

Make Him Over 7 - Part 1

Now, I am featuring the cool items from the Make Him Over 7 Hunt....

It's never late for summer outfits near the sea for some breathtaking views to love right? So here are some outfits you might like to wear while enjoying your beach time or just a fun time...

Styling Card:

Hair - MHOH7 - #32 Bad@zz (Confidence - Blonde)
Tanks - MHOH7 - #57 Havok (Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward Mesh Tank)
Board short - MHOH7 - #52 Zenith Fashion (Shell Swimsuit)
Mouth Pierce - MHOH7 - #22 Acide (Dirty - Black)
Pose - MHOH7 - #51 Focus Poses (Casual Men)

While moving in the beats of this song....

Sunday, June 24, 2012


     And for my formal, I decided to wear something different that Utopia of Ms. Saby Clary sponsored me, Thank you so much for the awesome outfits!

     Looks like a Prince waiting for her princess huh?

Styling Card:

Hair - ::Exile:: Tidal
Whole outfit - Utopia -  Anton Outfit

And for everyone to listen...

"Avant Garde style Swimwear"

And for our swimwear, we had a very different one. Mr. Frolic Mills idea and it's..... AWESOME!

Where the ideas of our outfit was gotten and the tunes as our music while we were dancing...

Styling Card:
Top - (Gaveston) - Tableau Vivant
Brief - Egoisme - Leather swimwear 
Gloves - Gabriel
Socks - EB Etelier
Heels - Finesmith - Finesmith Kicks
Earrings - +Rozoregalia+ Nornir

"National Costume of Philippines"

Now, I'm featuring all the outfits I've worn in Mr. Virtual World 2012 finals. This time, one of Philippines national costume that we called Igorot outfit from one of Philippines tribes; the Igorots. A million thanks to Enzo Champagne of Champagne Sparkling Couture for making this awesome costume and for being so helpful. Mabuhay Pilipinas!

Styling Card:

Igorot Costume - Champagne Sparkling Couture

Friday, June 22, 2012

" GQ Model"

    For our third walk off, we are asked to style and portray like a GQ model.

    A pleasant morning to everyone! Today, my outfit is inspired from the Balmain Fall 2012  menswear collection. By Olivier Rousteing, a designer who likes sexiness, that’s why he's into fashion—because he loves the body of a woman or of a man. For him, it’s always playing with a part of the body but still being modern and keeping the sexiness, and showing a bit of your body. For guys, he prefer more natural if possible. it’s just more about the emotion to give. It’s just what the face is showing to the world. It’s all about the attitude and all about how you want to act.
     Being in a GQ Magazine is all about being the simple gentleman yet elegant look, the appeal is there to make the ladies melt. That's why I choose Olivier Rousteing design, it shows the real ME. Modern, simple and yet elegant and appealing. Using contrasting colors, I’ve put together an array of clothes which shows both a casual and semi-formal look. I’ve used contrasting colors, so that the details and quality of the fabrics and materials used  are easily seen.

Styling Card:

Hair - ::Exile:: AJ
Jacket - [*Redgrave*] Suit Jacket
Vest - A:S:S Decades - Etienne Vest
Shirt - SHIKI - Sleeveless Shirt White
Pants & belt - INDI - Jeans 841
Boots - [*Redgrave*] Biker Boots
Scarf - Maitreya Long Scarf
Earrings - +Rozoregalia+ Nornir
Ring - +Rozoregalia+ Archelon
Aviator - Hak Designer - Aviator Style Glasses

And while doing this, I'm listening to this and I want to share it to all of you... Have a great day ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Cubism Art Inspired"

     For our second styling challenge, Cubism art inspired. This is me and my mentor Markski Glom made from different ideas.

     For today’s Styling Challenge, Cubism inspired; I’ve decided to be living art. I've chosen Picasso's Woman with a Flower to be the highlight of my outfit. In 1927, Picasso began an affair with seventeen-year old Marie-Thérèse Walter, his son Paolo's nurse. Much of his work after 1927 is fantastic and visionary in character. His Woman with Flower (1932) is a portrait of Marie-Thérèse. Its movement is cubism which is a
20th century avant-garde art movement, pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.
     First of all, we were all born, because of a woman; our mothers carried us in their wombs for 9 months and had to endure the pains of giving birth, so simply we wouldn’t be here now without them. A woman’s most common responsibility would be to take care of her family, may it be to serve them, or to work for them. As you know, the overwhelming majority of child-rearing and household tasks are performed by women. The sad truth though is that there are a lot of cases where in they have been brutally abused, so with Picasso’s masterpiece, Woman with a flower (1932), I would like to remind everyone of the importance of women to us men and the world.
      The whole outfit inspired by  two-dimensional areas of color, boldly and sweepingly outlined… are juxtaposed with similar areas that bear witness to a modelling, three-dimensionalizing instinct... Again The Woman with a Flower. Thank you.

Styling Card:

Hairbase - .Shi: Giabi Hair
Lashes - Blackliquid Makeup - Life Autumn
Shirt - Harlow Sweaters Picasso Woman and Flower
Pants - [Lelutka] Michelle Pants
Socks - Doodads Checker socks
Scarf - [Lelutka] Editorial Scarves
Armband - [CheerNo.] Sin. Ouro Armband (Complete Outfit)
Belt - [CheerNo.] Lovely Moment belt (Complete Outfit)
Shoes - .Shi: Fabrik Lace - Up

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"If I Were a God"

         Our first styling challenge was to style like how we wanted to look like if we were a God, and this is mine and the reason why.

         If I were a god, I would choose to have the special powers to give everyone wisdom. I believe that this is one of the most important things a person should posses. It is known to be the highest form of knowledge. Wisdom is an intellectual property, but more than that it is using ones knowledge regarding decision making and sensibly applying them using insight and good judgement. The world today are full of chaos, crimes and war that causes death of many people and I want to avoid that. That's why I want to give everyone wisdom especially those who have anger inside them, feelings kept that about to explode that causes crime, lost souls and confuse on which road to take, selfish people especially those who have positions creating war against other country to gain power for themselves. By that power I can create a peaceful and harmonious world.

Styling Card:

Hair - *SH* Edgar
Whole Outfit - ::B@r:: Ajna

And here's something to listen for the day... Have a great day! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Dress to Impress"

         To jump start my first blog, I would like to start it with blogs on what I had worn from the audition until the finals of Mr. Virtual World 2012 as an honor on the prestige competition that I've joined and took a big part on me to pursue this and my modeling career.

         On our live audition, the theme was "Dress to Impress".

Styling Card:

Hair - ::Exile:: AJ
Top - ::Mr. Poet:: Flying Jacket (Snood, Knit Jumper and Jacket) 
Pants - ::Mr. Poet:: Woven Pants (White)
Boots - *Muism* Troy Boots (White)

And to give everyone some jives there, here's my music for you all... Enjoy! :)