Friday, July 6, 2012

"I can make your bed rock"

    A steamy hot day to everyone... I would like to share an item that I really like to wear the first time I saw it and I'm sharing it to all of you. How about an eLJhay Denver with cherry on the lips to make your bed rock huh? ;)
    I know you love me, xoxo.....                                                        -Mr. V♛ 2012 - Philippines

Styling Card:

Boxers - Charlie Foxtrot (Gentleman Shorts - 3x Pack (B) - Rigged MESH)
Boots -  *Muism* - Troy Boots
Necklace - [Mandala] Karma
Left Bracelet - [Mandala] Sinra
Right Bracelet - [Mandala] Hokusai

With the tune of this song....

And this one that I really love.... enjoy! ;)

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