Saturday, July 28, 2012


     Hello folks, it's been days that I haven't blog because I'm busy with midterms and responsibilities. So here, I want to show you all what I did for styling as part of my midterm. And for my friends to see what I styled myself because it's kinda hard for me, hahaha....

     In our styling challenge, "Creative Butterfly Theme". I styled myself as a half human with butterfly wings to show everyone the masculine side of a man with the addition of natures beauty. Also to show that everyone has a beauty to show and be proud of. 

Styling Card:

Skirt:  ::B@r:: Ajna
Wings: Ragged Fairy Wings by Jen Shikami
Tattoo: Beauty Killer (Butterfly Effect Tattoo)

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  1. I love that image. So much so I saved it to my desktop. Do you have any more half human half butterfly images? Maybe this one as a woman? I'm working on a project about rising above suffering. I googled images of half human half butterfly and found yours. I think it is the kind of logo art I need. If you get this note, email at
    Thank you,