Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"If I Were a God"

         Our first styling challenge was to style like how we wanted to look like if we were a God, and this is mine and the reason why.

         If I were a god, I would choose to have the special powers to give everyone wisdom. I believe that this is one of the most important things a person should posses. It is known to be the highest form of knowledge. Wisdom is an intellectual property, but more than that it is using ones knowledge regarding decision making and sensibly applying them using insight and good judgement. The world today are full of chaos, crimes and war that causes death of many people and I want to avoid that. That's why I want to give everyone wisdom especially those who have anger inside them, feelings kept that about to explode that causes crime, lost souls and confuse on which road to take, selfish people especially those who have positions creating war against other country to gain power for themselves. By that power I can create a peaceful and harmonious world.

Styling Card:

Hair - *SH* Edgar
Whole Outfit - ::B@r:: Ajna

And here's something to listen for the day... Have a great day! :)

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