Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Be My Valentine..."

     In 4 days, it's Valentines Day! Yay for those who have partners but for those single, don't be sad because even though you don't have someone for sure many people loves you and that's what important... Even though maybe you long for some cuddles and sweet talks right? In time, the right one will come along :) I miss you all that's why I'm blogging something from one of my favorite designers Chronokit, I can't say  I'm busy with his awesome works! And I'm just so inspired to this blog, so here it is... Who wants to be may Valentine? Can you be the one? ;) 

Shirt:  *Chronokit* Shirts O4
Jacket: *Chronokit* Fabre Jacket
Pants: <Kal Rau> Khaki Pants
Boots: *Muism* Troy Boots
Aviator: Hak Designer - Aviator Style Glasses
Ring: +Grasp+ Silver Lily Rings (Group Gift)

And here is a song that tells about something that everyone anticipates every hearts' day ;)

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